All the love

Photo from Lisa's blog
Last year I was fortunate enough to meet a girl called Emma. She in turn met up with Lisa, who held on to Johanna. After a while we all got together and something brilliant happened. We were our crazy selves, we went bananas and we made cinnamon buns with tons of salt in it, haha. But more importantly, we became friends. Today, they are some of my very, very closest friends. This year in London would not have been the same without you guys. 
The bittersweet thing about all this - being an au pair and finding such lovely friends - is that eventually it ends. Eventually we have to go our seperate ways. Three of us live in Sweden, one in Germany. Our beloved Johanna's year was over last week and we spent our last day together at Starbucks, crying for two hours straight, haha. The moment Johanna and Lisa walked through the door and saw Emma and me, it was like a waterfall that never stopped. We laughed through the tears and talked about this adventure we've had together. 
Johanna, don't ever stop making all the people around you feel like they have just won the lottery or gotten their best present ever - because that's what you do to people, just by being you. Now, I could write some of the swedish words we've taught you but since most of the people who reads this are swedish... maybe I shouldn't! 
Three of us are still here but within three weeks, we will all be home. Emma, Johanna and Lisa, I feel so honoured to have met you and to call you such dear friends. I will miss you loads. Until we meet again (which we will) - SKÅL FÖR BÖVELEN! I look forward to all our laughs in the future.

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